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2017 Yearly Calendar of Events and Activities

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2017 Calendar of Events (pdf)

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2017 Master Calendar of Events for
SRF Glendale Temple
(Subject to Change)

Dec 03  Sun.    Christmas Potluck
Dec 10  Sun.    Mother Center Open House
Dec 16  Sat.    All-Day Christmas Meditation
Dec 17  Sun.    Children Caroling in Main Chapel
Dec 24  Sun.    Christmas Eve Service
Dec 31  Sun.    New Year's Eve Meditation

2018 Master Calendar of Events for
SRF Glendale Temple
(Subject to Change)

Jan. 5    Fri.    Paramahansa Yogananda's Birthday
Jan. 13    Sat.    Paramahansa Yogananda's Commemorative Meditation
Jan. 20    Sat.    Day of Service
Jan. 28    Sun.    Sunday Fellowship
Feb. 3    Sat.    Volunteer Dinner
Feb. 10    Sat.    Six Hour Meditation
Feb. 17    Sat.    Day of Service
Feb. 24    Sat.    Bhajan Night
Feb. 25    Sun.    Sunday Fellowship
Mar. 3    Sat.    Six Hour Meditation
Mar. 7    Wed.    Paramahansa Yogananda's Mahasamadhi
Mar. 9    Fri.    Sri Yukteswar's Mahasamadhi
Mar. 10    Sat.    Family Day of Service
Mar. 17    Sat.    Day of Service
Mar. 18    Sun.    Plant Sale
Mar. 25    Sun.    Sunday Fellowship and Plant Sale
Apr. 1    Sun.    Easter Brunch
Apr. 7    Sat.    Six Hour Meditation
Apr. 14    Sat.    Kriyaban Ceremony
Apr. 21    Sat.    Day of Service
Apr. 28    Sat.    Family Fellowship
Apr. 29    Sun.    Sunday Fellowship
May. 5    Sat.    Six Hour Meditation
May. 10    Thu.    Sri Yukteswar's Birthday
May. 19    Sat.    Day of Service
May. 27    Sun.    Sunday Fellowship
Jun. 2    Sat.    India Night
Jun. 9    Sat.    Six Hour Meditation
Jun. 16    Sat.    Day of Service
Jun. 24    Sun.    Sunday Fellowship
Jul. 7    Sat.    Six Hour Meditation
Jul. 14    Sat.    One Day Retreat - Lesson Students
Jul. 21    Sat.    Day of Service
Jul. 22    Sun.    Sunday Fellowship
Jul. 25    Wed.    Babaji Commemoration Day
Aug. 5    Sun.    Convocation Begins
Aug. 11    Sat.    Convocation Ends
Aug. 12    Sun.    Sunday Fellowship
Sep. 2    Sun.    Janmashtami
Sep. 8    Sat.    Six Hour Meditation
Sep. 15    Sat.    Day of Service
Sep. 16    Sun.    Children Sing for Day of Peace
Sep. 23    Sun.    Sunday Fellowship
Sep. 26    Wed.    Lahiri Mahasaya's Mahasamadhi
Sep. 29    Sat.    Family Fellowship
Sep. 30    Sun.    Lahiri Mahasaya's Birthday
Oct. 6    Sat.    Six Hour Meditation
Oct. 7    Sun.    Picnic
Oct. 20    Sat.    Day of Service
Oct. 28    Sun.    Sunday Fellowship  
Nov. 4    Sun.    Fall Festival
Nov. 10    Sat.    Six Hour Meditation
Nov. 11    Sun.    Crafts Sale and Lunch
Nov. 17    Sat.    Day of Service
Nov. 18    Sun.    Crafts Sale / Sunday School Thanksgiving
Dec. 2    Sun.    Christmas Potluck
Dec. 9    Sun.    Mother Center Open House
Dec. 15    Sat.    All-Day Christmas Meditation
Dec. 16    Sun.    Children Caroling in Main Chapel
Dec. 24    Mon.    Christmas Eve Service
Dec. 31    Mon.    New Year's Eve Meditation