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Volunteer Committees at Glendale Temple

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Arts and Crafts

The Arts & Crafts Fair is a major fundraiser and is an opportunity for contributors to share their creativity & handiwork. Artists & craftspeople are needed to produce quality gift items to be donated for the benefit of Glendale Temple. Volunteers meet throughout the year to make preparations.


Supports all temple events by operating public address systems and projecting slides, DVDs and other media.


The bookroom carries a variety of SRF books, CDs, inspiring publications and gifts from India. Book room responsibilities include:
* Selling the bookroom merchandise.
* Stocking and pricing of all items
* Maintaining an attractive display of the publications and merchandise
* Cleaning and general upkeep of the bookroom

Caring Friends

Providing spiritual and emotional support for devotees with ailments and those who have lost loved ones. Duties include calling devotees to assess their needs, sending cards and flowers for encouragement and support, and posting prayer requests through the temple website.


Provides communication support for all temple related activities. Communication responsibilities include:
* Preparation of Sunday and Thursday service announcements
* Producing monthly temple activity calendars
* Assisting other committees in developing event flyers and announcements
* Disseminating temple information via the bulletin board and the Glendale Temple website


Responsible for temple clean up after special events.

Day of Service

Responsible for organizing and assigning volunteers on the monthly Day of Service and overseeing the general cleaning of the temple.


Designing the overall look and decorations for special temple events. Tasks include hanging decorations, creating centerpieces for the tables and making flower arrangements
Events include:
* Christmas
* Volunteer Dinner
* Easter
* India Night
* Fall Festival


Greet and welcome devotees through a light "luncheon" once a month. Approximately 3-4 hours of service per month. Occasionally may be asked to serve on special events. No cooking experience necessary. Come and have fun!
Duties include:
* Set up
* Food preparation
* Cooking
* Take down and clean up


Responsible for the floral arrangements for Sunday service and providing floral support as needed for special events. Also responsible for watering and refreshing the arrangements during the week.


Maintaining an attractive landscape around the Temple by performing the following duties:
* Maintain gardens and grounds
* Plan for seasonal landscaping
* Schedule appropriate planting
* Fertilizing and pruning tasks
* Ensure proper maintenance of garden equipment

Individuals with knowledge of plants, irrigation systems, landscape design, or equipment maintenance would be very helpful, but no special skills are required to serve. We welcome all devotees who enjoy nature and caring for plants.


Greeting people entering and leaving the temple on Sundays. Greeting and helping people at the Information Center. Welcoming newcomers and answering general questions about SRF teachings and temple activities. Replenishing the supply of free literature within the temple.


Responsible for cleaning all parts of the temple on a weekly basis. Activities include vacuuming, dusting, polishing brass, cleaning windows, polishing furniture, carpet cleaning, waxing floors, restocking restrooms with supplies. Duties also include efficient and safe storage of cleaning materials and supplies.


Select menus, prepare and serve food and beverages for temple events, including:
* Easter Breakfast
* India Night
* Picnic
* Arts and Craft Fair and other special events
* Some members assist the Fellowship Committee with food preparation, set up and clean up during monthly Sunday Fellowship


Kirtan members perform chanting along with playing of Indian instruments during temple services and special events.


Responsible for the regular care and maintenance of the temple buildings and grounds. Duties include:
* Maintaining and repairing the temple building proper including electrical, lights, audio/visual, electronics system, heat, air conditioning, plumbing, physical structure, carpeting, furniture, etc. Obtaining cost estimates and reporting to the minister-in-charge for budget approval
* Efficient and safe storage of tools, materials, and supplies
* Organizing, coordinating, and overseeing maintenance work projects on Day of Service and at other times as needed
* Securing yearly inspection/maintenance for gas, fire extinguishers, air conditioning, etc., as requested by the temple minister.

Most of the above activities involve general maintenance and do not require special training. However, if you have specific skills, we welcome your help and expertise!


Performing live renditions of chants and music during temple services.

Special Services

Planning and organizing commemorations, Kriyaban Ceremonies, Christmas Meditations and other special events.

Sunday School

Implementing a creative program that helps children develop a personal relationship with God through the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. Topics include:
* Meditation
* Energization techniques
* The development of soul qualities such as friendship, kindness, and faith; and spiritual laws that govern life.

The committee has experienced teachers who strive to create an environment that is both fun and educational for the children.


Provide a warm and welcoming reception to everyone who walks into the temple. The committee has over 50 people and is still growing. It’s led by the Head Usher who is supported by a leadership team. Duties include:
* Opening and closing the temple before and after the service
* Greeting people
* Making announcements and collecting donations

Weddings / Christenings / Memorials

Receiving requests from devotees. Scheduling the service and making necessary arrangements by working with the minister in charge of the Glendale temple.

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