Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

   Interested in serving at the Glendale Temple? Serving is a unique and wonderful opportunity to deepen one’s spiritual growth and cultivate divine friendship with fellow devotees.

To sign up for one of our Volunteer Committees, you can complete the volunteer form located at the temple Information Center or click here to fill out an online form. Be sure to select the services which fit your time and interests, and a volunteer coordinator will contact you shortly.

Any service you provide to the Glendale Temple is greatly appreciated!

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“Life should be chiefly service.... Every good action that you perform digs like a pickax into the soil of consciousness and brings forth a little spray from the fountain of God's joy.” —Paramahansa Yogananda

Glendale Temple Volunteer Values

Spiritual Growth

"Everything in future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now" —Sri Yukteswar

We value our spiritual growth because it reveals to us the great truth that we are one with God.


“Master's organization is the hive; God is the honey. We must not concentrate so much on building an impressive hive that we neglect filling it with the Divine Presence through our love and devotion.” —Sri Daya Mata

Devotion brings the honey that fills the busy hive of organization. Our devotion makes every act of service a gift to God.


“It is not enough to do our work mechanically or grudgingly, all the while holding back inwardly...If we do not surrender within, letting go of our resistance and allowing the Lord to use us exactly as He wills, we will not gain the spiritual freedom we are seeking” —Sri Daya Mata

When serving together, we may need to discard our personal preferences and cherished attachments, so we may embrace what God and Guru have brought into our lives.

Right Attitude

“Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda used to say, 'Always think that what you are doing, you are doing for God.' Now, 'thinking' means you have to really believe that what you are doing is for God. Every act must be dedicated to Him....That is the right attitude to have.” —Sri Daya Mata

Right attitude is the spirit that motivates our actions to do the right thing and remember we are doing it for God. Service begins where convenience ends.

Right Behavior

“My Master always used to remind me: ‘Learn to behave’. He repeated this advise so often that I wondered if he were not overcautious about human behavior. But since that time....I realize how important it is to everyone to learn the art of right behavior.” —Paramahansa Yogananda

As volunteers, we are Master’s representatives. Our behavior reflects who we are, and our sincere desire to change for the better sets an example for others. Right behavior evolves as we choose to attune ourselves with divine wisdom.


“Intelligence is rightly guided only after the mind has acknowledged the inescapability of spiritual law.” —Sri Yukteswar

Meditation, introspection and Master’s teachings are the foundation for our learning. Our spiritual development is connected to every aspect of life, thereby engaging our interior and exterior lives in this learning process.


“People, specially the strong willed, need to have an agreement from the very beginning of their relationship that they will talk things out, with both sides having the opportunity to express their views. Try to communicate more with one another....It is by this kind of interchange that you come to a common understanding.” —Sri Daya Mata

We are committed to timely, respectful, authentic communication that leads to mutual understanding and bonding of hearts.


“The highest duty God has given you is to develop His consciousness in yourself and to help true friends do the same....In that relationship, regardless of differing views, you have mutual respect and cherish your friendship above everything else. True friendship established in God is the only relationship that is lasting.” —Paramahansa Yogananda

True friendship is the foundation of personal relationships and spiritual community. We strive to relate to each other with the mutual trust and respect that lead us to divine friendship.


“Life should be chiefly service....Every good action that you perform digs like a pickax into the soil of consciousness and brings forth a little spray from the fountain of God’s joy.” —Paramahansa Yogananda

We value service as essential to our individual Self-realization. Service expands our consciousness beyond ourselves, bringing us closer to God, Guru, and each other.

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