Recharging the Body with Cosmic Energy

Paramahansa Yogananda on
Recharging the Body With God’s Cosmic Energy

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The system of Energization Exercises that Self-Realization Fellowship teaches is based on the principle of using will to draw energy from the cosmic source, and to distribute that energy by will to the trillions of cells in the body. We draw most of the current for our actions from the physical supply of the body battery—energy distilled from food, oxygen, and sunshine. We don’t draw enough energy from the invisible cosmic source, through the conscious use of will.

Life force enters the body through the agency of an interested, joyous attitude—it doesn’t respond to a half-dead will! Learn to perform all your duties with a courageous cheerfulness welling up from within you. Then, as you perform your daily activities, you will see that a flood of vitality will move through all your muscles and through your entire body.  

While the muscles and limbs of your body are busily engaged in performing your duties, visualize a halo of God’s cosmic energy surrounding your body, and feel that you can never become tired again because your tissues are being renewed, supplied with current from that energy and not merely from food or oxygen.

The faithful practice of the Energization Exercises will show the student that he is not the body, that the body is merely the beautiful tabernacle of the indwelling immortal life energy.

You can read more from Paramahansa Yogananda on how to recharge the human body with cosmic energy in the Summer 2016 issue of Self-Realization magazine.

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