Kirtan Chanting

Join us for Group Meditation with Kirtan Chanting on selected Fridays and Saturdays. 
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Paramahansa Yogananda brought India’s art of devotional chanting to the West, introducing thousands to the experience of chanting together in devotion to God. At New York City’s famed Carnegie Hall in April of 1926, the great Master taught the beloved chant “O God Beautiful” to the large audience that packed the hall. He later recounted:

“For one hour and twenty-five minutes, the thousands of voices of the entire audience a divine atmosphere of joyous praise....The next day many men and women testified to the God-perception and the healing of body, mind, and soul that had taken place during the sacred chanting, and numerous requests came in to repeat the song at other services.”

Come to the Glendale Temple and experience an evening of bliss and joy!..

Read "The Power of Devotional Chanting" by Paramahansa Yogananda

Listen to these Kirtan Chants. In these recordings below, several thousand voices join Self-Realization Fellowship monastics. Included are some of Paramahansa Yogananda’s original compositions and several bhajans.

"Jai Guru" (10:03)


Oh God Beautiful

Satchidananda Guru

Light the Lamp of thy Love

He Bhagavan

"Will That Day Come to Me, Mother?" (8:21)

kirtan 2


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