Services and Group Meditations

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The Glendale Temple offers regular group meditation and lecture services that are open to the public — all are welcome.

Our lecture services are led by Monastics of the Self-Realization Order and service topics include readings from Paramahansa Yogananda’s writings, as well as periods of devotional chanting, silent meditation, and prayer.

Our group meditation services offer devotees a chance to come together in silent fellowship to reinforce each other’s efforts toward Self-realization. The meditation service is led by a leader who will guide you through periods of silent meditation for 30–50 minutes in length — separated by short periods of devotional chanting and inspirational readings.

Group Meditation services are conducted on Sunday prior to the regular lecture service and on Friday and Sunday evenings.

paramahansa yogananda altar picture If you are new to meditation, you may start by attending one of our Thursday evening or Sunday morning lecture services, which have shorter periods of meditation, along with readings and chants.

On the third Thursday of each month is Satsanga (Sanskrit for “Fellowship with Truth”). A Self-Realization Order Monastic will answer spiritual questions received from devotees and general public. Anyone with spiritual questions is welcome to write them down and place them in the Satsanga question boxes located throughout the temple or click here to enter the questions online. The questions will be reviewed by a SRF monastic confidentially and will be answered privately or during the monthly Satsanga.

Throughout the year, the Glendale Temple conducts Commemorative Services to celebrate special events and occasions. Please check our calendar for details.

There is no charge to attend these services; donations are welcome to help the upkeep of the temple and meet the operational costs.

10:00am — Meditation
11:00am — Lecture Service
11:00am — Sunday School (Minimum age: 3 years)
6:30–9:30pm — Meditation

7:00pm — Energization Exercises
7:15–9:00pm — Meditation

6:30pm — Open Meditation
7:30pm — Study Group

6:30pm — Open Meditation
7:30pm — Lecture and Prayer Service

7:00pm — Energization Exercises
7:15–9:30pm — Meditation

(Parents with children under 3 may hear the services in the Family Room.)

paramahansa yogananda lecture